Real Life is a Bitch

I haven’t touched my laptop since the weekend before I went back to work. Long days and a high maintenance infant have kept me away.

How many of you have had a not-so-ideal babysitting situation? How did you handle it? It’s my third week back at work and my daughter has already caught her first cold, been exposed to head lice, and today I had to call out from work because the sitter is too sick to care for her. That spot at daycare can’t open fast enough!!

I like my job. I like where I work, and I like the people I work with. I like having career potential. I never thought I’d like working with numbers but working in a financial institution is pretty nice.

So what happens when I call out too much? When is the last straw? I don’t want to find out!

I’m not going to lie: I’m going to soak up all the cuddles I’m bound to get today. Any extra time I can get with my daughter is a true blessing. Also, I just ate ice cream for breakfast. No regrets. The weather here has been awful for the past week, and I have declared that rainy days are pajama days (unless you have to be out in public, obviously), so of course I have also changed back into pajamas!

Since I’m stuck at home today, I’m hoping to find a silver lining. I have been craving meatloaf, but it takes too long to cook to start it after work. As long as my high maintenance bundle of joy will let me get it put together later today, I think it sounds like a nice dinner! Comfort foods are perfect for cold, rainy weather (in May).

Real life is a mess, but you always have to remember to find something good. Find something to make you smile. Appreciate the little blessings. Allow me to share a few:

  1. I unexpectedly get to spend a day with my daughter.
  2. I’m noticing my stretch marks getting lighter now that I’m moving around more (and drinking more water!).
  3. I get to actually drink my two cups of coffee!!
  4. I can poop in my own bathroom when the urge comes (been having some issues in that department lately).
  5. If I finish this quickly, I can get some cleaning done that I have desperately been wanting to do.
  6. Did I mention I get extra cuddles today?
  7. Ice cream for breakfast!!
  8. Pajamas!! Comfy clothes!!

I could think of two more to get an even 10, but I think you get the idea. Even in a situation that isn’t ideal, there are still little things to find to smile about. When shit hits the fan, even the smallest thing can be the best thing about that day, and that’s okay.

Got any favorite rainy day recipes or movies? Got any advice? Let’s hear it!


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