With Regards to Mother’s and Father’s Day…

I’ve been seeing posts that Fathers Day is not Single Mothers day. I didn’t see this for Mothers Day, but this isn’t about a feminist rant. This is about my disagreement with Mothers Day not being about single fathers or Fathers Day not being about single mothers.

If you are a single parent raising your child without the other parent, you are both Mom and Dad. There is no co-parenting. Therefore, you get to have both holidays.

Single moms aren’t taking away what dads do for their children. Dads are great for children to have, should the father be involved. I see amazing fathers out there, and I’m happy for their spouses and children.

My daughter has a biological father, but not a dad. He’s not involved. I’m raising this child on my own, making all of the decisions. I dress her, bathe her, change her, decide when she’s ready for cereal and fruit and veggies, decide which daycare provider I’d like her with, etc etc etc. Every little decision is mine and I don’t have to agree with somebody else.

Do you know what that makes me? Mom AND Dad. I’m her only parent.

Single parents have it rough and when they’re doing the best they can, you have to give them their credit.

Those of you that have the co-parent and want to tell single parents that they don’t get both holidays, SIT DOWN. I understand where you’re coming from, but you have a second parent in your child’s life. You are either Mom or Dad. If a single parent says it, I’d listen to their reasoning first, only because they are going through it with me.

All parents are wonderful to have. To the single dad figuring out how to braid his daughters hair without the help of his daughter’s mother, Happy Mothers Day and Happy Fathers Day. You get both. To the single mother driving her son and his friends to football practice and cheering him on, you go girl. Happy Mothers Day and Fathers Day to you, too. We have to do it all.

To all the parents out there, keep up the good work. Do everything you can to be sure your child lives the best life they can have.

It’s hard work and we really need to support each other. Please don’t take away from the double duty from that single parents are pulling.


Happy Mothers Day. Happy Fathers Day. Happy Parents Day. Love each other. Support each other. We all work our asses off to raise children.


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